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Half Day Rainforest Tour

Quick Details

Calendar Availability: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

Hour Glass Duration: About 4 hours

Price per Person

Half Day Rainforest Tour

Embark yourself in a half-day forest tour for your amusement. We will drive to a great area in the foothills of the Rain Forest. The tour will start with an interpretative natural walk in the forest. You will be able to learn about the fascinating Puerto Rican Flora, Fauna Geography and History. In the area you will also be able to swim in a beautiful river pool. Swinging from a rope to the river is optional but highly recommended. After the visit to the forest, you will taste authentic local snacks like “empanadas” and “alcapurrias” in a very authentic kiosk. On the way back to the metropolitan area the drive will give you some recommendations of restaurants, things to see and do in this beautiful island called Puerto Rico.