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Biobay Kayaking Tour Fajardo

$95 pp | 5hr kayaking tour | Contact us for more information


Bioluminescence is one of planet Earth’s best-kept secrets. Tiny organisms make the water glow at night. They found the perfect place to live in the Fajardo Bio Bay. Stir the water of the Bioluminescent Bay and lots of sparkles will activate. Glowing trails will swirl and flow with the water as we paddle our kayaks in this amazing lagoon.


  • We give you an introduction of how to use the equipment, easy even for first-timers in a kayak.
  • You will learn about the ecosystem and kayak by a channel surround by a mangrove forest that makes a tunnel.
  • In clear days we can see the constellations
  • Minimum age 6 years
  • The kayaking duration is approximately 2 hrs.
  • Skill Level moderate
  • We provide the paddles & life vest
  • The tour will be lead by a team member at the beginning of the group and another one at the end
  • We kayak in a line in the beginning and at the end ( 2 miles total)
  • 2 ppl per kayak (are you by yourself don’t worry we can help with that.
  • Maximum weight combine is 400 pounds
  • Keep in mind we are visiting a natural environment and the glowing phenomenon and brightness can vary.

Policies and Restrictions:

  • Eating, drinking, or smoking inside our natural reserve is prohibited
  • Swimming is not allowed. From April 2009, the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DRNA) prohibited this activity to protect the micro-organisms (“dinoflagellates”) living in the Bio-Bay.
  • The tour is not canceled on rainy days
  • Only available on dates on booking calendar, our dates take into account the lunar schedule ( we do not go out on the full moon cycle )
  • Ages 5 years and up (pregnant women beyond their 5 months, people with epilepsy, back problems, recently undergone surgery, or have a heart condition, not recommended)


  • Eat a late lunch or dinner before your pickup time.
  • We recommend wearing your flip flops
  • Swimsuits on
  • One towel per person