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Top 10 Puerto Rico Beaches

Puerto Rico – Puerto Rico Tour Desk

For a quick and easy getaway, Puerto Rico is a no-brainer. With direct flights from 20 U.S. cities, and no passport needed to gain entry for U.S. citizens, traveling to the island is a breeze. Plus, the island’s rich culture will make you feel like you’ve traveled somewhere exotic, even though you’re still on U.S….

Food Tours when you travel – Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico – Puerto Rico Tour Desk

I love taking food tours when I travel. I find them to be the perfect introduction to a destination – you are essentially on a guided historical walking tour themed around the cultural cuisine an food of a country or city. Tours don’t get much better than that if you ask me. If I’m going…

The Real Puerto Rico is Piñones

Puerto Rico Tour Desk

Stop in Pińones and stop at whichever kiosk you like and order some great authentic local street food. The smells here are incredible. Between the smells of the food, the ocean breezes and salty air and the whole general ambiance – you cannot but help to feel great as you begin your day. Grab your…

La Ruta Taina explores P.R.’s indigenous roots

Puerto Rico – Puerto Rico Tour Desk

Puerto Rico is offering travelers a chance to explore a route that digs deeply into the island’s ancient cultural roots. La Ruta Taína, or Taína Route, is a new attraction that gives visitors a chance to learn about Puerto Rico’s indigenous history through a guided trek across the lands of the Taino people, who were…

52 Places to Go in 2017, Northwest Puerto Rico #29

Puerto Rico – Puerto Rico Tour Desk

A new destination for surfers and foodies. A handful of New York City exiles are defying the island’s troubles and turning the tiny surf town of Isabela into a hot spot that draws those escaping the East Coast winter. The Brooklyn-raised chef Wilson Davalos launched the chic, 20-seat restaurant CLMDO in 2014, which sparked a host of…

American Rain Forest

Puerto Rico – Puerto Rico Tour Desk

The blue-gray cobblestone streets of Old San Juanare scorching hot, searing the bottoms of sandals like skillets cooking bistec encebollado — steak and onions. Some 30 miles east, however, the ground is cool and damp. Here, thousands of trees form a verdurous parasol that blankets the earth in shade. It’s not just the temperature that’s…

San Sebastián Street Festival 2017 (01/19-01/22)

Puerto Rico – Puerto Rico Tour Desk

After Christmas Day, Puerto Rico and most of Latin America celebrates Epiphany, or Día De Los Reyes Magos, on January 6th. After more gift-giving, Puerto Ricans celebrate what they call Octavitas the week after – or some of the last festivities of their long Christmas, which start right after Thanksgiving in November. The truth of…


Puerto Rico – Puerto Rico Tour Desk

Part of being an experienced traveler is having at least one good story about experiencing bioluminescence (and knowing what the word means). For the uninitiated, it is what it sounds like: creatures that make light. Both land and sea organisms have this ability, including bacteria, plankton, fireflies, worms, snails, fish, jellyfish, and even sharks. Certain…

Puerto Rico’s other coast: ‘An easier life’

Puerto Rico – Puerto Rico Tour Desk

GUANICA, PUERTO RICO — The three-mile trail to the abandoned fort on top of this dry forest seems easy enough to tackle. A clear path to the “Fuerte” lies ahead, surrounded by shrubs and cacti, vegetation you would not expect to find on a tropical island. But this is a dry forest, one that gets…