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About Us

Puerto Rico Tour Desk

Puerto Rico Tour Desk is a company created in 2014 by a Concierge group who decided to make a corporation that provides the highest-quality level of service. We are endorsed by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company. Furthermore, our team consists of people from different generations including “Baby Boomers, Generation Y, X and Millennials”. Our diversified background enables us to connect and work with various types of people. In Puerto Rico Tour Desk, we strive for innovation by always keeping up with the latest technology and adapt to change. We promise to be excellent, if not the best, tour guides by continuously learning about nature, conservation and safety procedures in order to provide our customers with as much valuable information as possible while ensuring their safety. We respect nature and our environment so we heavily promote and practice recycling. For example we recycle bottles and keep the caps to donate to kids with cancer and their families. We support our local economy and small businesses by buying fruits from local vendors to provide to our guests during our tours. We are very proud to be able to give back to our society and to have turned our hobby into our profession that we can continue to be very passionate about.


In Puerto Rico Tour Desk, we value the dedication and commitment of our partners who always recommend our service. We prioritize our employees’ satisfaction and provide them with all that the company can provide. We value our tourists who choose our service and who help provide promote us via social media or by word of mouth. In Puerto Rico Tour Desk, we help small to medium companies economically by leveraging them for our needs and to help provide for our guests. We promise to give back to the economy, guests and employees and benefit our society.


Contribute to the tourism of Puerto Rico with excellent excursions and high-quality service for our visitors. We differ from the rest of our competitors because we visit places that have low foot-traffic – the so-called non-touristy parts. We always strive to attract different crowds in order to show them what Puerto Rico has to offer.


To be recognized as the leading tour company that provides the highest standard of service for our visitors and residents of Puerto Rico. We create new excursions, find new destinations and are always keeping up with the new trends of tourism and latest safety procedures.

Our Team

Frankie Aponte Tour Designer & Tour Guide

Young, energetic and adventurous traveler who is passionate about nature, Frankie has spent years traveling the world and exploring new cultures. Frankie’s passion began when he graduated from high school and decided to devote his studies to hospitality and tourism. Frankie holds an associate degree in Airlines, Bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, Bachelor’s degree in Culture Tourism (Tourism), and Post Degree in Production and Events Marketing. He is currently doing a Sustainable Tourism, Ecotourism and Agri-Tourism certification.

His extensive experience as a waiter, bartender, and recently-achieved Concierge Tour Guide Certificate has given him the work ethic and people skills necessary to manage groups of all ages and backgrounds. Frankie has been with Puerto Rico Tour Desk Company from day one and always considered himself a tour guide without the title. He took the advice from Confucius – “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” – and he plans to continue spreading his passion for nature and transferring his valuable knowledge to curious travelers for years to come.

As an avid traveler, Frankie has worked all his life to explore new countries. He enjoys being a tourist, and after every trip he is inspired with new ideas for his tours. Following is a list of the places he has visited:

USA (15 states mostly national parks), Canada (Toronto, Niagara), Mexico (3 times), Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador (Galapagos), Peru (Machu Picchu), Brazil, Argentina (Iguazu Waterfalls, Glaciers), Dominican Republic (3x), Cuba (2x) Southern Caribbean Cruise (6 islands).
Frankie’s interests include traveling, caving, rivers, waterfalls, hiking, cliff jumping, history, museums, national parks and everything that will give him an adrenaline rush.

Héctor José Negrón Lead Tour Guide

20+ years experience in the service industry.

Former Rock Climbing Director for the  Puerto Rican Olympic Facility. Member of P.R.O.S. (Puerto Rico Outdoor School) as a Rock Climbing Instructor and Cave Adventure Guide. He has 9 years of experience as an Adventure Guide. He was also the rock climbing instructor for Solid Rock Indoor gym.

He is currently a licensed tour guide and  tour operator with certifications in the following: Certified Wilderness first Aid by NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute and by the American Heart Association; Water in Movement Rescue Technician; Basic Rescue Cave Operations and Training in Rope techniques.

Francisco Amundaray Tour Guide & Lawyer

Interested in conservation, environmental public policy, nature interpretation, history and ecotourism.

Has a B.A. in Geography, Area of Emphasis in Physical and Environmental Geography. Has a eight years experience as adventure guide and nature guide. Is a licensed tour guide and tour operator. Has training in CPR, First Aid, Rescue techniques and rope techniques.

Diane Rosado General Manager

In charge of the office work, which includes answering the phone calls, emails and the clients doubts and requests concerning the El Yunque tour and about general information of Puerto Rico.