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A guide to exploring some epic caves in Puerto Rico Read Part 2

Puerto Rico Tour Desk

La Cueva del Indio

How to get there: Take Route 22 out of Arecibo. Turn right at Route 2 and go over a few bridges. At the light, take a left, followed by a quick right turn onto 681. Follow this to kilomete 7.8 or so and look for a sign on the left in a wooded area. It should say, “Cueva del Indio.”

Pull in here and wait for someone from the bar to come out and take your money — parking costs $5. Take a minute to pack your belongings with you or hide them in the trunk of your car.

The owner of the bar will explain to you where to go from the parking lot, as this is not a formal park.

To the right you’ll hike up a jagged limestone hill and over a natural rock arch to see the Seven Arches, more natural rock formations extending out from a desolate beach.

To the left is the entrance to the sea cave. If it’s a stormy day, it could be dangerous, as waves crash close to the entrance, so take caution. Otherwise, climb down the ladder tied to the cave entrance and head into the sandy-floored cavern.

The cave is bright and lofty, with hundreds of bats sleeping in the crags above you. There are some fun tunnels and rocks to scramble around on, and keep an eye out for more petroglyphs and sea life.

When you’re done, take a break on the ledges above the caves to spot sea turtles and maybe even a whale before heading back to the car.